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2019 Guest on the LOVE Blog

What's good fearLESS friends? I'm excited to share with you that once again I am a guest blogger in the month of LOVE over at

Karen Geraghty's blog - Yankee Doodle Paddy. The post went up yesterday and is titled "Love From The Inside Out".

Kim, Karen and Finn in NYC Summer 2018

Please take a moment to check out all the amazing stories posted so far on the blog and comment and share. There are so many beautiful stories and perspectives on love and this is Karen's third year doing the LOVE BLOG.

Subscribe to her blog to see the rest of this month's guest bloggers and learn more about my amazing friend Karen. I can't wait to see her again in April when Dr. Ming Wu and I take our wellness trip to Dublin, Ireland to share not only his immense knowledge but also his documentary "Who Am I" which recently won an Impact Doc Award.

Who Am I Film

And if you haven't already subscribed to the podcast Healing Is In Your Hands with myself and Erik Harris please do. Episode #9 just came out yesterday, and you guessed it our guest is none-other than the fabulous Karen Geraghty herself.

February is the month of self-love and love of community over at our wellness pod so be sure to head over for a listen. Remember you can always leave an audio feedback message on Anchor.FM or send one to us by email at You might even be featured on a future podcast episode.

As always my beautiful friends, #BeWell, #DoGood and #fearLESS.

Until next time.

Best, Kim

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