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The “Be In Wellness” panel is the brainchild of social media manager and storyteller Kimberly Fleck. Kim spent a year putting together the idea and deciding on which women she would invite to join her on this journey. As the Universe would have it everything began to fall into place and the right women showed up. With the support of Dr. Ming Wu and his kindness in offering his space for events, she was finally able to bring her idea full circle. Be In Wellness launched in October of 2017.  *Speaking events came to a close in December 2019*


The panel holds events primarily at the Wu Healing Center, in West Hartford, Connecticut. Each event is part of a series exploring various topics related to wellness, mindfulness and how to “Just B”. Each woman brings a unique perspective to the panel in both their personal and professional lives.

We are blessed to have a fabulous moderator, Christopher Kearns and we are grateful that he agreed to work with us.


We lost our beautiful friend Dacia Jackson on November 6, 2018. She is always with us and guiding us as we continue to deliver our message of support, community, respect and love.


The 2019 year will consist of 6 events with amazing guest speakers. Tickets are $15 and will be available to purchase at 


You might ask yourselves what is the advantage of coming to a series of panels if the topic doesn’t necessarily resonate with me. We believe that you will find value in the panel no matter what the topic because you will be surrounded by an atmosphere of safety, community, kindness, and open-mindedness. You will discover new ways to approach the world, create connections with new people and leave feeling refreshed and grounded. We encourage our audience to interact and we believe you will bring as much value to us as we hope we provide for you.


Join us once and we know you will come back for more.


You may contact Be In Wellness members here and at


You can find us on both  FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. 





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Hypnosis, Stress and Your Way to a Happier, Healthier Self

September 07, 2019

Be In Wellness presents special guest Alicia O'Hara

Hypnosis, Stress and Your Way to a Happier, Healthier Self

Presented by, Alicia O’Hara, CHT, CLC

We experience stress in many ways, physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually, which can create challenges in many areas of our lives. In the lack of self-care, breakdowns in our body, disconnect in our relationships and struggle with our overall health. In this panel discussion, discover the empowering qualities of your subconscious mind, learn everyday tools that can put you back in charge, and gain useful knowledge to overcome the bad habits in the way of your happy, healthy self.

Please reserve your spot. $15 a person


Alicia O’Hara, CHT, CLC is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach with additional studies and certifications in Meditation, Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching, and Clairvoyance. Her personalized sessions and session programs, uniquely combine hypnotherapy, behavioral techniques, and life coaching to help clients move past their challenges and create lasting change in all areas of life.

“Before becoming a healing arts practitioner, I studied and practiced interior design, and worked as a liaison officer helping students transition into their professional careers. These earlier experiences gave me insight and understanding into the challenges that can surface as people face transition and change, and it was through these insights, I realized I wanted to help others create change and evolve on a much deeper level.

To help others, you must first be willing to help yourself and in 2004, I began studying alternative therapies for my own personal growth. Through the formal study of a variety of modalities, including those that I have become certified in, I discovered that everything we need to know to empower ourselves, overcome the struggle, and achieve our deepest, desired goals, is already inside of us.

In 2009, I put these skills into practice and today, my inspiration comes from being able to help others do the same."

Alicia O’Hara, CHT, CLC

Trance to Change Hypnotherapy, LLC (located in the West Hartford Therapy Center)


Dr. Amy Matthews of All Creatures Holistic Health

June 01, 2019

Saturday, June 1, 2019 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Be In Wellness presents

Dr. Amy Matthews of All Creatures Holistic Health

Location: Wu Healing Center, 45 South Main St. Suite 100, West Hartford, CT 06107

Dr. Amy Matthews will be returning to the Be In Wellness panel to talk about how the emotional lives of our animals affect their medical and behavioral diagnoses. She will cover some critical basics, such as some of the major emotional stressors encountered as well as the importance of really communicating with your pets about events that affect them. In addition, she will review a few cases and how understanding the emotional background helped improve or resolve their issues.

More about our fabulous guest.

Amy Matthews, VMD Ph.D
Dr. Matthews grew up in a household that embraced all healing options, with an M.D. for a father and chronic illness in the family that caused them to explore all holistic options. Her own formal education echoes that early start. She went to the University of Pennsylvania on a full scholarship to pursue the full breadth of Western scientific knowledge and graduated with a VMD as well as a Ph.D. in Immunology. Her immunology thesis lab explored cancer vaccines, oral immune tolerance, and brain-specific immune responses because immunology is just that interesting! After interning with a specialty clinic for a year, and spending another year in general medicine, she realized she longed for better options to support health and started a journey in holistic healing options that continues today. In 2004 she was trained in NAET, an allergy treatment that helped resolve her own allergy symptoms. In 2005 she became a veterinary acupuncturist after studying at Colorado State University. In 2006 she trained in chiropractic with Pedro Rivera at the Chi Healing Institute, and then in 2007 pursued advanced chiropractic training with Carl DeStefano of Health Pioneers Institute. Since then, there has been in-depth training in Chinese herbal medicine with Steve Marsden through CIVT, and Western herbal medicine with various teachers including David Winston; specialty acupuncture training with Dr. Are Thoresen with a particular focus on cancer; training on pulse diagnosis with Ann Cecil-Sterman; and training in Theta healing, which is an energy technique that has been very beneficial for patients with behavior issues. She was also fortunate to get to work with holistic veterinary specialists Dr. Angela Erickson-Greco at Animal Health Practice and then with Dr. Allys Maybank at Frontier Wellness Center during her first 10 years in CT. Her patients are the best teachers of all.

She is fortunate to live with an incredibly charming dog, (corgi cross), as well as a very tolerant big black cat, two kids to keep her on her toes, and a fabulous husband who occasionally manages to get her to slow down.

Healing Is In Your Hands - Holistic Healing with Erik Harris

May 04, 2019

Be in Wellness is proud to present Erik Harris

Healing is in your hands - Using holistic healing to create a healthy lifestyle and heal chronic pain conditions.

Erik has been on a journey with holistic healing since he was a teenager where he has used a variety of holistic healing modalities to heal himself from spinal injuries, Lyme disease, and digestive issues. It is a comprehensive approach using diet, exercises, meditation, affirmations, supplements, herbal remedies, qi gong, Chinese medicine and more! This healing approach focuses on the individual, working with the body, mind, emotional, and spiritual levels to find the healing within!

*This is a special event as it falls on our friend Dacia Jackson's birthday who passed away this past November.

** This event will also be audiotaped for a future episode of Kim Fleck and Erik Harris's podcast Healing Is In Your Hands. Come be part of a live taping of our podcast.

Ticket: $15 a person

Audrey Carlson: Can there be Happiness and Peace in the Aftermath of Tragedy?

April 06, 2019

Be In Wellness present Audrey Carlson: Can there be Happiness and Peace in the Aftermath of Tragedy?


Audrey Carlson is the founder and facilitator of the Hartford Happiness Club. The club was founded after Audrey's daughter Elizabeth, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, when she was just twenty-four.

In this talk, Audrey will share how she found her own way to let go of the gnawing anger and not let it manifest in dis-ease knowing full well it potentially would kill her too.

Join us learn how it is possible to turn pain into life!

To learn more about the Hartford Happiness Club please visit

  • And to learn more about Audrey Carlson please visit 


  • Tickets: $15 a person

Healing, Alignment and the Importance of Love with special guest Dr. Rodney Taft

March 02, 2019

The Be In Wellness team proudly welcomes Dr. Rodney Taft to the panel. Rodney will be speaking on healing, alignment and the importance of love.

Tickets are $15

Here is a sneak peek on what he will be discussing.

*Healing is facilitated by our heartfelt intention and feeling to bring benefit to another. This is true no matter how we choose to go about healing. Whether we choose a holistic approach, an allopathic approach, a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach or a massage approach, always the best thing to do is to have a heartfelt approach towards the person who needs our help. Perhaps this is compassion. Perhaps this is love.

Piecing It All Together

December 01, 2018

Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or not we invite you to join us to review your year. If you have a vision board bring it along. Share with us what made your heart sing, what is there to learn from, what is your heart's desire and how together we can learn from 2018 and set intentions for 2019. 

May we be in our powerfully, may we recognize embrace our human vulnerable nature, and may we remember who we truly are. 

Vision boards are great tools that help us connect with what is a priority, it can keep us aligned with our deepest knowing and vision boards can be the push we need to be the change we want to see in this world. 

*The winter months have arrived and like last year in honor of the Wu Healing Center online mascot, Wu Kitty we are collecting donations for local feral and community cat rescue friends. If you could bring a cat treat, or a dry or wet food item we would greatly appreciate it. 


Gather the Year’s Lessons

November 03, 2018

Reflect on 2018 
Fall teaches us to let go 
We are nature and have our own cycle?
When we look back what in our lives do we need to let go, hold on too or just leave on standby?
When we learn our lessons we always gain.

We invite to bring your Vision Boards if you created one at the beginning of 2018 and your intentions for 2019.

Follow up event in December will be creating our new vision boards for 2019 and collecting donations for animals in need for the start of 2019. 


Healing Paws & 1 Year Anniversary of Be In Wellness

October 06, 2018

Celebrate the one year anniversary of the Be In Wellness panel
with our October event Healing Paws, special guest Dr. Amy Matthews and special rescue dog guest Finnegan Fleck.

This event is all about animals, healing, and connections.

Dr. Matthews completed her pH in Immunology and her graduate degree in veterinary medicine before deciding to balance out her education by learning the Asian art of acupuncture including the skill of diagnostic pulse taking, the Western body palpation skill of chiropractic, and the energy medicine practices of applied kinesiology, Nambudiprad's Allergy Elimination Technique, and Theta healing. 

She found her Western medicine skills and science training excellent for diagnosis and understanding but lacking in results, especially with chronic degenerative disease and behavior issues. Today she blends knowledge from all her training to help her understand her patients and support their health and healing. 

We will have several awesome door prizes as well as a delicious cake to celebrate with from Izzi B’s Bakery, all vegan, kosher certified and celiac friendly. 

Grab a friend and don't miss this celebration of animals, healing, and the Be In Wellness one year anniversary.

As always a $5 donation is welcomed.

How To Live In Uncertain Times

September 01, 2018

We invite you to join us for an evening of discussion on how we have been conditioned to believe that we have control. The only constant in life is change itself. How do we learn to respond to a new situation which will enable us to face moments of uncertainty?


Door prize as always to one lucky winner!


$5 donation welcomed

The Importance of Living a Life of Balance

August 04, 2018

Have you been feeling stressed and out of balance? Join us for a wonderful evening on "The Importance of a Life in Balance" with our own Be In Wellness Panel and guest panelist, Naturopath, Dr. Kathleen Riley, N.D of Eclectic Naturopathic Medical Center, LLC. 

Living a Life in Balance is one of the keys to optimal wellness of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Our wellness panel will explore the concept of balance in all of these areas. Don't miss this!

Being Grateful is the Best Remedy

July 14, 2018

Gratitude is the simplest most effective proven practice showing to impact all areas of your life in a positive way. Research shows that practicing gratitude improves relationships, emotional, physical and mental health, including sleep, self-esteem, and decision-making.

We invite you to join us in a day of gratitude. 

Let’s discuss in how many ways can you include more gratitude in your daily life.

Door prize as always to one lucky winner!

$5 donation welcomed

Activity online to follow on FB / IG - 30 days of gratitude.

We invite you once again to gather with us but this time at a new time 6-8 pm and with two special guests on the panel. 

Dr. Wendy Wolfson founder of Mood Eats. Dr. Wendy Wolfson is a Board Certified Psychiatrist with offices in both NYC and Connecticut. Her main therapeutic focus is the medical management of mood and anxiety disorders, ADHD and eating disorders. 

Dr. Ming Wu of the Wu Healing Center is a doctor of Chinese Medicine and a 20th generation practitioner of Fengyang Chinese Medicine – the only one in the world. He is also a Master Qi Gong and Tai Chi practitioner.

Together we will discuss the connection between mood, food, environment, stress and other factors. Please join us and bring a friend. 

The Be In Wellness panel welcomes all to engage, question, discuss and learn in a safe and welcoming environment where everyone is valued. # JustB

$5 donation welcomed

Getting to know YOU

May 05, 2018

Getting to know YOU

Getting to know you is an invitation for an honest and curious reflection on what we are truly, before we identify with our story before we absorbed ideas and pre-conceived concepts of ourselves. 

Join us for another conversation on topics that remind us that wellness is who we are.

* $5 donation welcomed

Embracing the Negative as a Way to Wellness

April 07, 2018

Embracing the negative... is an invitation for us as a culture to look at our bias towards the negative or the quick judging of the facts. It’s natural, it’s human nature to run away from pain but being able to see that pain is inevitable in life can help us expand our own resilience and ability to face life. Running away from what we often perceive as negative also prevents us from using all that life has to offer. Avoiding the negative makes us use all our energy fighting not living. 


Join us as we play with these concepts making them relevant to our everyday lives. 


* $5 donation welcomed

30-day journal your way

March 04, 2018

Tomorrow (March 5, 2018) we will begin the 30-day journal your way.

For the next 30 days, we hope you join us to connect with and inspire each other. Please feel free to post right on this page, share with others in your life, or just enjoy what others have shared here. Thank you so much for being part of our journey.

Love & Light Be In Wellness


Everything Is Connected

March 03, 2018

Do you feel there is something getting in the way of you accomplishing your goals and doing the work of your life? Everything is Connected will give you an opportunity to look at how all the pieces of your life can either hold you back from being everything you were meant to be or can propel you on the path to fulfilling your dreams.

Actions steps included. 

Join us in a safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment where we will explore these statements and more! 

* $5 donation welcomed

The Role of Support in Wellness

February 03, 2018

The Role of Wellness in Support

Do you feel there is a great deal of pressure in this culture to be super-human? 

What are the misconceptions around support that once we see them, they might become easier to navigate? 

Often we don’t do something because of the identity we have and our perception of how that will interfere or be perceived by others.

We invite you to join us as we explore, identify and raise awareness around the many hidden ways we see support, from what it means to us, to how we actually live it. 

We will discuss how hidden beliefs and values can prevent us from living what we say and know is most beneficial for us. 

Join us in a safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment where we will explore these statements and more! 

* $5 donation welcomed

BEgin In Flow

January 06, 2018

Begin 2018 by deciding the flow of your life. The Be in Wellness team invites you to join us for this interactive event at the Wu Healing Center in West Hartford, CT. You will spend 2 hours laughing, pondering, growing and engaging with a wonderful community, who doesn't love that? Grab a friend or two and let's flow into 2018 together! #JustB

* $5 donation welcomed

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