Social Vision

Delivering powerful social media management & content solutions

Social Networks - We offer both individual and multi-channel social network plans.


Social Media Marketing Strategy - We develop a comprehensive social strategy tailored to your business, brand and social channels. 


Social Account Setup - If you’re starting from scratch, we’ll set up your social platforms for you. 


Weekly or Monthly Consultation - We’ll get on the phone for a monthly team discussion on how best to navigate your social channel journey based on reporting and feedback. We’ll revisit the roadmap we’ve laid out and discuss any changes to goals or content, and other revisions as we move forward. 


Dedicated Account Representative/Daily Platform Monitoring - A dedicated representative will monitor your platform and handle page management activities to ensure that your channel is active and demonstrating a true social presence.


Comment Response - We’ll engage with followers through comments, likes, shares, retweets and other techniques unique to the social channel(s) being utilized.  


Content Updates - We’ll post a certain number of updates each week across various social channels based on the social package you choose. 


Content Curation - We’ll target the most engaging content about your business/nonprofit/industry on the web and tap into what your audience is interested in, as well as their unique needs. 


Engagement Strategy - We’ll find and target potential followers, engaging the audience already in your network, sharing relevant and unique content, (ex: industry news, tips about your service or product(s), customer case studies/testimonials, meaningful and interesting blog articles written by you or others, Facebook Live, IG Live, video). We’ll actively engage your organic audience and grow your network through ongoing communication, promoting a post, retweeting or sharing a customers post, demonstrating that your business is mindful of their customer's likes, dislikes, needs and that you’re listening. Social is all about engagement and listening. 


Support - We’re here for you. We want you to feel supported and heard. If you have questions or business concerns outside our weekly/monthly consultation(s) you can always call, text or email us. We are a team!


Customer Acquisition and Retention - We focus on both acquisition and retention and attempt to do so in balance. Personalization is also a part of our strategy to both attract and keep your customers. Remember it costs 5 times more to attract a new customer than to retain a current one. We are committed to keeping your customers on board and encouraging consumers to create user-generated content that shows their loyalty to your brand. Driving customer loyalty is a key component of what we do. Organic followers are important but you need more given all the algorithms out there. Most importantly we want to be sure your customers have a positive experience with the brand when they interact with your ads and platform(s). Social media has proven to be an extremely effective means of customer retention, as well as acquisition. We focus on attracting the customer, customer loyalty, preventing customer loss and bringing value to their experience in order to create lifetime consumers. 


Developing your Ad Budget (your advertising budget is separate from your social media management packages)

We will become part of your Business Manager (Facebook) and work with you with your social advertising campaign, targeting the best content based on insights and reporting in the Ad Manager/Power Editor/Creative, etc. Developing offers, videos, various ads, and campaigns. We will work together to determine your budget for your advertising needs on a monthly basis, this will be the same on Facebook or any other social platform. 


Social contests (strategy and management)- We create unique social contests to bring a new dimension to your social platform. 


Personalized iPhone Photography - We create content that reflects the message you want to share with the world. Our iPhone photography is custom shot and edited to fit your messages. We have developed endless ways of telling interesting stories and evoking emotion and feelings that convey your story and connect your audience.


Additional Content Tools- In addition to custom iPhone photography we implement the use of other tools such as Ripl Pro, Canva Pro, Wavve, Animoto, Adobe, Wave/Animation, and other creative videos/photo content apps and programs. 

Custom Graphic Headers - We’ll provide customized headers for your social platforms unique to your brand that demonstrate your professionalism and message.