Are you a Do-Gooder?

We are not only celebrating national puppy day but we have begun our Do-Gooder search ! Are you ready to be a do-gooder on our #fearLESS journey? Watch my latest #YouTube video, subscribe and then contact me if you are ready to be part of our team of social DO GOODERS! #Branding4Good Best, Kim (*Finnegan too)

Letting go of regrets

Let’s be honest, fearLESS friends – we all have regrets. Some of us have more than others but we all have them. Today is the first step in your journey to rid yourself of this excess baggage. How, you ask? Simple, but not always easy, as my mentor Dr. Ming Wu would say. Here I have laid out a few simple steps to kickstart you into action. It is time to embrace life, to be in the moment and to experience less sorrow and more joy. Reboot you! Forget the past at the door. Change your routine and how you see things and your life will change for the better. Here we go! #1. Each morning when you wake up, before your mind starts racing to your to do list or all the bills piling up, before you trip

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