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Guest Blogger Across The Pond

What's good fearLESS friends? I am jumping on real quick to share some exciting news with you. Finnegan Fleck, my fabulous rescue dog and I are featured as a guest blogger over at Karen Geraghty's blog - Yankee Doodle Paddy. The post went up yesterday and we're so excited to be one of the guest bloggers for the month of February and to share our "Love Story" with all of you.

Yankee Doodle Paddy Blog

I met Karen on snapchat and soon started following her on other platforms as well as her blog. She is absolutely amazing, not to mention a kick butt chef as well. You know I love that fearless foodies.

Her Yankee Doodle Paddy blog is a place where she explores the deep connection she has with her American motherland and her Irish soul land, all while living in London. SUBSCRIBE! You won't be sorry.

If you are a Snapchat fan like me you can find her on snap at blissbakery and enjoy all the amazing things she contributes to the Snapchat community.

Karen's Snapchat code

Thank you again for supporting all the many things that come under the umbrella of Brand Fearless and for always sending so much love and light to me and my rescue animals as we navigate the world of wellness, social media and social good. Until next time my friends...#BeWell #DoGood #fearLESS

Much Love, Kim & Finnegan

Finnegan - Brand Fearless rescue mascot

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