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New Healing Tool With Dr. Ming Wu

Hey, there fearLESS wellness friends, just popping in quick to share a short video with you. Here is a glimpse into what I was doing this morning on my #JustB Tuesday. As many of you know I have been on this healing journey with Dr. Ming Wu of the Wu Healing Center for years now and we have accomplished a great deal together, 30 percent him 70 percent me and me always being open to new ideas. Today I tried out a new healing tool that you will see in this video, you can also see it live on a recording in his Instagram stories @wuhealing as well as over at my YouTube channel in my IG bio. You can always follow along over at my website on the blog and any questions and comments are welcome. Just remember these are things that I am open to trying and I am not telling you what you should do in terms of your own personal health journey I just share things that continue to help me on mine. Enjoy!

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