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"Who Am I" trailer has been released

I walked into the Wu Healing Center in West Hartford, Connecticut, on Tuesday as I have been doing every Tuesday for years now. I was greeted by the smiling face of my dear friend, healer, business client and teacher Dr. Ming Wu. Apparently, the long-awaited trailer for his documentary "Who Am I " by the talented filmmaker Caleb Vinson had just been released.

Ming immediately showed me the link to view it and I hit the play button with much anticipation. I had been blessed to be asked to participate in this documentary and share my healing story with the world. To say that I was honored would be an understatement.

I felt the chills through my body as the screen opened and I heard my own voice, "I remember saying to my Mom, I'm going to die". It was a rush of emotions as I stood there in the Wu Healing Center viewing the trailer and thinking about this long journey I had embarked on starting in 2007 and to this present moment. A journey that resulted in much loss in all areas of my life, but a gain of much more as time unfolded. Lose horse lucky was what immediately rang through my head in the voice of my friend Dr. Ming Wu.

I felt my eyes watering and tried to refocus on the other images flashing across the screen and the other phenomenal people intriguing us with two to three-second snippets of their healing stories. Then came the beautiful and riveting footage of Dr. Ming Wu as he spread his vision and demonstrated through his own actions compassion, hope, healing, and wisdom. Ming brings so much to all the lives he touches and his energy is nothing short of amazing.

Then he spoke the words of wisdom that I know all to well and that I hope so many of you take away from this. " Because fear is going to kill you more than the problem."

Dr Ming Wu - Who Am I trailer

I named my business Brand Fearless for a reason and my hashtags #BeWell #DoGood and #fearLESS have a significant role in my brand as does my "why" of "everything we do, we do with the idea of bringing good to the world".

Being part of this documentary and sharing my healing story was a beautiful experience. It allowed me to continue being well, doing good and fearing a little bit less. I was able to share how this amazing man and I worked as a team to accomplish what many doctors said was unachievable.

Thank you, Dr. Ming Wu, for asking me to be part of this amazing project and for being not only my healing partner but my friend. Thank you to Caleb Vinson for your brilliance, professionalism, and vision. I can't wait to view the full movie.

To view the trailer please go to

and share with your family and friends. Dr. Wu's story and the stories of the people he has helped will forever change you and maybe even someday heal you.

"Who Am I" Trailer

A documentary that follows Dr. Ming Jie Wu, a third generation Chinese Herbalist, doctor of Taoist Chinese Medicine (TCM), and a Master Qi Gong and Tai Chi practitioner, as he cares for patients from China to the United States. This is a glimpse into an ancient healing system and its applications in the modern world.

Thank you again, Dr. Wu, let's keep spreading the positive healing vibes whenever and wherever we can.

Until next time fearless friends, remember to be well, do good, and fear a little bit less.

Love and Light, K

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