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The Creation of Be In Wellness

Hey there fearLESS friends, and welcome to all the newbies! Today I want to share with you a moment of pure happiness, the launch of my panel. The “Be In Wellness” panel is my brainchild and something I am very proud of. I have spent the past year putting together this idea and deciding on which women I would invite to join me on this journey. As the Universe would have it everything began to fall into place and the right women just showed up. With the support of Dr. Ming Wu and his kindness in offering his space for events, I was finally able to bring the idea full circle.

The panel holds events primarily at the Wu Healing Center, in West Hartford, Connecticut. Each panel is part of a series exploring various topics related to wellness, mindfulness and how to “Just B”. Each woman brings a unique perspective to the panel in both their personal and professional lives. We are blessed to have a fabulous moderator, Christopher Kearns and we are grateful that he agreed to work with us.

You might ask yourselves what is the advantage of coming to a series of panels if the topic doesn’t necessarily resonate with me. We believe that you will find value in the panel no matter what the topic because you will be surrounded by an atmosphere of safety, community, kindness, and open-mindedness. You will discover new ways to approach the world, create connections with new people and leave feeling refreshed and grounded.

We encourage our audience to interact and we believe you will bring as much value to us as we hope we provide for you. Join us once and we know you'll come back for more.

Our first panel is Saturday, November 11, 2017 at the Wu Healing Center, 45 S Main St, Suite 100, West Hartford, Connecticut from 3-5 PM. The event is FREE so grab a friend or two and join our community.

Click the Photo to go to the Facebook event page

A huge thank you to everyone who has joined me in this journey and believed in my vision. This is only a small part of what's to come. My wellness book is in full swing, Wu Kitty's story in Rescued: Volume 2: The Healing Stories of 12 Cats Through Their Eyes is the purrfect wellness journey story to compliment our group, not to mention she's the online mascot for the Wu Healing Center. This past year has been pure joy for me with the launch of this group, Wu's story being published and my own book finally moving in the right direction towards completion and of course endless social good on my social media channels. Let's continue spiraling up my friends! I'm looking forward to seeing you at our "Be In Wellness' panels now and into 2018.

Be Well, K

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