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2020 - That says it all, doesn't it?

I realize my fearLESS friends that I have neglected this blog during 2020. Like most people, I have been focused on keeping myself and my animal companions safe and healthy during the challenging times of Covid-19. Trying to remain financially afloat as a woman small business owner and as a single income household with many medical challenges has proven to be an interesting task but one that I intend to spiral up from and navigate to a better place as time moves on. Supporting my family, friends, and neighbors have been a focus as well even if watching out for those we love means from afar on a Zoom or Facetime screen. I have been focusing on creativity and health. Wu Kitty's new book (release set for 2021) has progressed at a wonderful rate with the help of my digital artist Jessie. We have collaborated weekly and made things happen even though she is in Indiana and I am in Connecticut. Creativity has no limits. The podcast (Healing Is In Your Hands) has faced its own unique challenges but managed to continue on into year two and to keep elevating the conversations and bringing valuable insights, information, and guests to people around the globe.

That brings me to this audio blog post below. This is an excerpt from our latest episode (Aug 26,2020) "Overcoming Fear in Our Modern World (with returning guests!). I would love for you to take a moment to hear my perspective on fear during this particular moment in our history. You can hear the episode in its entirety by going to

*If you have not yet subscribed to Healing Is In Your Hands please do, we love adding to our already amazing podcast family. You can listen wherever you get your podcasts.


Trying to stay grounded and continue to spiral up in the middle of turbulent times and a fierce pandemic that has sucked the oxygen out of the air and left the world turned upside down is not an easy task, but I am determined to do it. I know you can too!


xx Kim

(Finnegan and the cats too)

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