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Box or No Box

Fearlessly unscripted part 2:

Good afternoon friends,here's my random thoughts for the day although I don't think it's that random seeing as it's been a curiosity of mine since I was little and has clearly shown up throughout my life in written form and art pieces. During my short 45 years on this planet, I came to realize many moons ago that I'm not very good at fitting into the available pigeonholes provided for me in this lovely society of ours.

I have found that I am either not vegetarian enough, or vegan enough, straight enough or gay enough. That I'm not liberal enough or not conservative enough *or conservative much at all 😉 That I'm not introverted enough, or not extroverted enough, that I am not girly enough or boyish enough. Nowadays it's amazing to learn that I'm not even disabled enough, even with missing organs. As my friend Nino says, I'm not even white enough because I'm a little brown inside. LOL.

So my thought for today is that I will just not cater to any of these silly little things any longer at all, and just be. Be outside of the box. I've had several supervisors over the years tell me that I have mastered the ability to teeter on the line of insubordination. When I would think about what that meant I always came up with the same two things. One I had the inability to turn my head when I saw unjust things taking place in the environment around me. Sitting on my hands was not something I was comfortable doing. And two I had a strong desire to question authority when things just didn't make sense to me, instead of falling into line just for the sake of doing so. Right or wrong that's just how it's been. I'd rather be outside of the box, outside of the checklists, and outside of the mainstream.

Even in groups that claim to want to include, these days I have noticed that they seem to exclude more and more. The only box I truly belong to is the one marked spiritual being, having a human experience right now in this time and this place. Have you seen this box anywhere, because I haven't?

Believe me, I understand why people feel the need to label. I myself have done that on many occasions even though I am mindful that I don't want to. But I own it and I immediately try to change it. I think lots of times we do it out of a need to belong, a fear of losing someone, a fear of the unknown or an attachment to some sort of identity or group. I just know for me I just never seemed to quite fit, at least not the whole hundred percent. With the exception of with animal companions,of course they are nonjudgmental and not interested in labels.

I guess for some people though this need to label everyone and everything is a major priority and they wish to place these parameters on others whenever they can, why I don't think I will ever understand. I will continue to consider these questions and explore them further in my blog and I would love your input. I believe the climate of the world right now is only making these divides stronger and that is clearly not a good thing. But for now friends, spiral up and journey on, I will see you again soon.

What about you fearLESS friends, how do you feel about labels and pigeonholes? Do you find yourself doing it at times or being the subject of others trying to do so to you? Chime in, I really want to know.

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