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Let Your Vision Expand & Intro To The Wellness Panel

What a fantastic kickoff we had today at the Wu Healing Center for our upcoming Wellness Panels. Thank you again to Dr. Ming Wu for believing in my vision for this panel and supporting our efforts. Beautiful vision boards were created today, amazing new friendships and connections formed and lots of positive intentions put forth. Thank you to my fabulous panel members Dacia Jackson, Donna Gordon of Donna Gordon, Heartsource Integrative Wellness, Angela Mendes of Upanji *Facetiming in from Portugal*, and Alicia O'Hara of Trance to Change Hypnotherapy & West Hartford Therapy Center LLC. Thank you for our fabulous moderator Chris Kearns and special thanks to Sue Kearns for being the extra eyes on my rescue dog Finnegan and creating a vision board with him too.

I can't wait for our next event on November 11th, "Stop Fighting, Start Living" at the Wu Healing Center in West Hartford, CT. from 3-5pm. Thank you again for an amazing day, no better way to celebrate my birthday than this.


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