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Another #fearLESS Wellness Tool

Happy Saturday fearless friends! I just wanted to quickly share with you another tool that has helped me on my wellness journey. I have been using this particular tool for several years now under the supervision of Dr Ming Wu of the Wu Healing Center in West Hartford, CT. He uses moxa sometimes during my tui-na sessions to help with various blocks. Just recently I purchased my own Moxa Rolls to use at my home. This video is a quick demo of me utilizing the moxa roll to help with a nasty spider bite that also appears to have some type of poison ivy element surrounding it. Moxa has proven to be an effective tool for me as I continue on my wellness journey. You can learn more about Moxa and the health benefits it provides over at the Wu Healing Facebook page where Dr Wu demonstrates the process in more detail.

What do you think #fearLESS friends would you be willing to give Moxa a try?

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