Quick reminder fearLESS friends as the weekend approaches.

Brand Fearless will be at the Gluten-Free Connecticut's Spring 2018 EXPO this Sunday,

April 22,2018 at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford Connecticut from 10 AM to 4 PM.

We hope to see lots of you there enjoying all the amazing vendors and speakers.

Stop by my table The Wellness Nook where you will find people like Upanji, Frontier Wellness Center, Chi for Healing, Wu Healing Center, Eclectic Naturopathic Medical Center, LLC and members of the Be In Wellness panel. 🌱🌀

See you on Sunday! 

Be Well, Kim

What's good fearLESS friends? I am jumping on real quick to share some exciting news with you. Finnegan Fleck, my fabulous rescue dog and I are featured as a guest blogger over at Karen Geraghty's blog - Yankee Doodle Paddy. The post went up yesterday and we're so excited to be one of the guest bloggers for the month of February and to share our "Love Story" with all of you.

I met Karen on snapchat and soon started following her on other platforms as well as her blog. She is absolutely amazing, not to mention a kick butt chef as well. You know I love that fearless foodies.

Her Yankee Doodle Paddy blog is a place where she explores the deep connection she has with her American m...

What a fantastic kickoff we had today at the Wu Healing Center for our upcoming Wellness Panels. Thank you again to Dr. Ming Wu for believing in my vision for this panel and supporting our efforts. Beautiful vision boards were created today, amazing new friendships and connections formed and lots of positive intentions put forth. Thank you to my fabulous panel members Dacia Jackson, Donna Gordon of Donna Gordon, Heartsource Integrative Wellness, Angela Mendes of Upanji *Facetiming in from Portugal*, and Alicia O'Hara of Trance to Change Hypnotherapy & West Hartford Therapy Center LLC. Thank you for our fabulous moderator Chris Kearns and special thanks to Sue Kearns for being...

 Thank you Project Storefronts for hosting this. Can't wait for tonight! ~K

Can you believe it’s April? I don’t know about you but March sure did come in like a lion but I’m not sure she’s gone out like a lamb. March was filled with a whirlwind of events, business opportunities, vet appointments, wellness activities and just pure fun. April seems like she plans on doing lots of the same. I welcome all of it with open arms and a grateful heart. 

I attended everything from a delicious after hours dinner at Feng Asian Bistro in Hartford with the always amazing Dr. Ming Wu, of the Wu Healing Center; the opening of the Nasty Women’s art exhibit at The Institute Library in New Haven, CT., business socials at the New Haven Village Suites, tours of The Grove,...