The rain is softly falling outside my window as smooth jazz instrumentals serve as a tranquil backdrop. The New Year is fast approaching here in the US, only a few hours away. 

I’m grateful to be surrounded by love, peace, warmth and safety. My 2019 vision board is propped up in it’s place of honor serving as a reminder of all I wish to manifest in the new year as I align my intentions and let go of the old. Candles are glowing, incense burning and beautiful rescue companions sleeping soundly all around me. 

I have given my myself this time to slow down, process, feel and reflect on all that has transpired in this past year. I have been mindful to check in with myself daily...

"Be a scar-do not be ashamed of living through something" by Nayyirah Waheed. That was my tweet earlier today. It has been a week of ups and downs and a Monday full of heartache as I said goodbye to my beautiful senior rescue dog Petey, as my youngest rescue dog Finnegan sat by my side. Needless to say in the last 48 hours I have been thinking a lot about scars and good-byes.

Good-byes can be to loved ones both animals and human, but it can also be to your past. Your past physical body, your past career, your past decisions, your past traumas. All of it can be left behind but often there are scars where they were once held. These scars can be visible or invisible. Re...

The past few months have been full of events, adventure, fun and social good. Brand Fearless wears a lot of hats: social media, fearLESS wellness journey, author events, animal rescue, fearLESS foodies and so much more. Enjoy the recap and following along on all our social channels, we've got a little something for everyone. ~K

#BeWell #DoGood #fearLESS 

Can you believe it’s April? I don’t know about you but March sure did come in like a lion but I’m not sure she’s gone out like a lamb. March was filled with a whirlwind of events, business opportunities, vet appointments, wellness activities and just pure fun. April seems like she plans on doing lots of the same. I welcome all of it with open arms and a grateful heart. 

I attended everything from a delicious after hours dinner at Feng Asian Bistro in Hartford with the always amazing Dr. Ming Wu, of the Wu Healing Center; the opening of the Nasty Women’s art exhibit at