I was honored to be the first to be honored in the Brand FearLESS 'Do Gooders" series. Kim and team are a ray of light and bring such a positive loving attitude to everything they do as well as a wealthy of knowledge regarding all forms of social media. I have learned so much and have been able share our mission more effectively and to a larger audience. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

Chrissy Joubert

Boston, MA

Brand Fearless and their "Do Gooder" series has been a tremendous help for our organization "Project Do Something Boston". We are a new organization which helps the homeless in Boston. Thanks to Kim's "mini-documentary", we now have a video which shows viewers who we are and what we do. This has been invaluable in telling others just what Project Do Something Boston does and helping us find new supporters for our cause. Thanks to Kim, we are now developing our own "brand" as a social media entity.

Robert Morgan

Boston, MA

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